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When one sees that Infinite Invisible Awareness is also dense solid matter, what is discovered is the blessing of incarnation: The Divine manifesting as Living Earth.
- Krishna

This is the website of Krishna Gauci, who assists people worldwide in their quest to know themselves and live in the truth of their own experience. His message is this: "In both our profound freedom and profound limitation we are the Totality of Being and no part of us can be left behind. We are the ever-changing dance of life in motion and we are the deepest Stillness that is revealed in this dance. Every part of us is welcome. You may not be comfortable, but you are no mistake, you are here for a purpose. What a Paradox: In a thousand ways our hearts are forever longing to merge with the Source of all pleasure and satisfaction and we are always already that Source. We can neither stop our longing nor stop being the Source. You are the Unity of duality and non-duality. You belong here and all of you is yearning to find its full expression. Embracing this incarnation, you live your own Gospel, sing your own Gita and discover your own Dharma. Make yourself at home here and dare to move into and fully inhabit the heroic drama of your own divinely inspired story. This is my wish for you and our meeting together."