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Krishna can be a catalyst for the awakening transformation of your life. He also appears to be a pretty ordinary guy. For most of his life he has been driven by a desire to know the power that moves the universe. In this mad quest for authentic spiritual realization he has been blessed to come across the right people at the right time. Besides working as a spiritual coach and teacher and being trained in hypnotherapy, he has also been a cabinetmaker, an auto assembly line worker, a New York City taxi cab driver and a bus driver. He has lived real life as a down to earth human being and knows that the truth of spirituality is always tested there.

His experience is that you will never have exactly what you want and that you are already what you're looking for. His sense is that you don't need to be taught as much as you need to be understood and heard. He is well versed in several spiritual maps but he knows that who you are is beyond any map. You are the changeless and you are always changing, and he relates to you as both.

Since you are what you're looking for, he is only always pointing you to a deep trust in your own deepest life: Being itself.

He does this in one on one sessions and in groups through talks, guided meditation, questions and answers, gazing transmission and silent sitting. His presence enlivens that which is guiding you from within and calls you into your own life. He welcomes you into an awakening that is totally yours, and totally beyond you. Krishna invites everyone to roll up their sleeves and celebrate the paradox of being both Infinite and finite simultaneously. His sleeves are rolled up too.



"To say that Krishna and his workshop were amazing is really an understatement. There are no words for how much this time with him meant to me. His authenticity, presence, directness in his words and intention, his unbelievable ability to green light and give insights, his powerful clarity and teaching style, his love and Devotion to humanity, all created such a sacred, vast, transformative space for the whole group to be pulled in and transformed. The Divine worked through him in such a unique way, drawing the Divinity out of us all to experience a field of Being that was intoxicating, sweet, rich, like fragrant water to bathe in. I felt as if every word spoken was a treasure that I will hold deep in my heart forever."

Stacey Rhodes

"The exercises to increase awareness were amazing and very effective. Krishna's powerful transmission activated a greater awareness than I have ever felt. The next day after the workshop during my morning practice I felt the boundaries of my sense of self expand. I became awareness and there was a deeper clarification of my awakening."

With much Love & Gratefulness,

Lucy A Midwestern Christian grandmother

"The teaching flowed in such a beautiful, enlivening way that by the end everyone felt as if they'd been co-creators of a timeless moment of profound grace. Revelations came through the teachings, such as Krishna's explanation of why gazing is such a profound practice, as well as through powerful practices."

Bill E

Hi Krishna,

My experience with your radiant awareness workshop was so sweet. I became aware of a feeling of expanded love - vibrating and becoming seemingly limitless. It is still resonating, despite the fact that this morning at 5 a.m. we had two smoke alarms start screeching and a mechanical voice saying, "fire, fire." False alarm, but unnerving. So I sit here now with a huge amount of trusting in my wholeness that feels a combination of great fullness and great emptiness.

You can use my name and my words to help you get your work to reach others. It has been my great privilege to have been a part of it.

Love and gratitude,


"I have worked with Krishna Gauci in sittings, weekend and day long retreats, and on conference calls with other participants. Krishna is a profoundly realized teacher, with vast presence and deep wisdom. He has a gift for meeting students exactly where they need to be met and sometimes gently, sometimes boldly imparting this wisdom along with his palpable transmission. Krishna is also a virtual encyclopedia of Eastern religions and traditions, not only having read about them, but having studied them, practiced them and contemplated them for decades. His perspective is unique, wide and well considered. And, lastly, Krishna is a regular guy from New York. Heís utterly human, totally accessible, and a kind, good man. I am uber-grateful for the time Iíve spent with him, and look forward to future training, sharing, and evolving with Krishna."

Liz Kennedy

"Despite his intellectual brilliance, Krishna's teachings embrace a trans-rational unconditional acceptance shared with grounded-ness and humor. By making our mutual vulnerability an object of compassion, he models heart-open clarity in a profound yet non-linear way."

Lisa Norton

"The Presence he emits touches everyone who engages with him. His teachings are clear, his heart open to all. It was a weekend of deep connection and transformation. Krishna Gauci authentically transmits the wisdom, love and power of a master teacher."

Amy Wagner
 Artist, Glen Ellyn, Illinois

Thank you, Krishna and Vivian, for making the trip to Atlanta. The presence of your transmission was palpable, and your useful analogies helped make abstract concepts easy to grasp. I really enjoyed the welcoming energy of the group and felt really at home. I look forward to meeting the two of you again.

Best wishes,
Eduardo Gordon

"I was at a sitting with Krishna, grappling with one of my "favorite" paradoxes. He kept tossing one koan after another into the room (seemingly unintentionally), in what felt like rapid succession to me. My mind couldn't keep doing its dance. A profound release occurred that had me relaxing and smiling for the rest of the night:

He's pitching koans into the room
Mind stops
It cannot proceed
I am a pool of smiles and deep rest"

Susanne West CA

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