The following writings are meant to give you a sense of what I teach. Some are in essay form, some are actual correspondence and some are composites of questions and conversations. Sometimes I've added questions to illuminate points that seemed important to make. It's good to remember that what you read here may not be the answer that would be spoken to you, or then again, it may be your perfect answer. In any case, Satsang is not made of "right" answers. The questioner matters, not just the question, and one size does not fit all. Interactions are alive and fluid, written words are not, and You must be met, not just your questions. With that said, enjoy!

Essay List - Table of Contents

  1. The Tapestry Mandala
  2. The Central Place of the Ego in The Waking Down in Mutuality Process
  3. Dear Saniel
  4. About the Waking Down in Mutuality Process
  5. Always Awakening: The Continuing Playful Exploration of Self Inquiry & Life
  6. Is Emptiness a Cop-out?  
  7. Exploration
  8. What Are We? Be All That You Can Be
  9. Full Enlightenment? A Manifesto
  10. Buddhism, Vipassana, No Self and the Ultimate Truth
  11. A Recipe
  12. Waking up and Waking Down
  13. Onlyness and Brahman
  14. What about Techniques?
  15. Jet Lag in India as Divine Blessing
  16. WD Core Dharma or Personal Offerings?

2013 Krishna Gauci