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You are an untold treasure of riches, in a very unassuming package.

If you only think of yourself as this limited personality, you are not yet aware of your nature as unbounded freedom itself.

But, if you will stop this moment and honestly look directly to see who is aware of your life, you will find the silent infinite space that you are. Beyond words, beyond effort, beyond thoughts, beyond concepts: You Are That! What is aware of you reading these words?

Even while being Unlimited Silence there can now be an embrace of ourselves as this unique Divine manifestation within limits. Infinite Consciousness has not made a mistake. Your personality, made of thought, is simply the way that Consciousness becomes a person. Really accepting that the Divine has come into incarnation as a human being (YOU!) means that you embrace this life that mysteriously shows up day after day. This world needs you.

You are Consciousness and you are already free.

You are also a bodily human personality that experiences limits in a world of limits.

The paradox of being simultaneously both defies logic and can feel like quite a burn, but it is the key to a life of continuous transformation. If you are ready, the time of using one part of yourself to avoid the other can be over. This is authenticity, humaneness and compassion: embodying the realization of The Eternal in time. God will not show up where he is not wanted, Incarnation only happens to the degree that you welcome and embrace of ALL of who you are.