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Satsang with Krishna online by Zoom:
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Satsang is offered free of charge, and you are welcome to attend.

Satsang is an opportunity to relax our focus on our usual life patterns. Instead, we allow ourselves to steep in a sacred space dedicated entirely to the deepening recognition of all we are.

Krishna facilitates these explorations through silent sitting, gazing meditation, and teaching conversation, speaking on the Spiritual Heart's fusion with ordinary life. Join us in celebrating the paradox of being both Divine and Human, Transcendent and Immanent, simultaneously.

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Tuesday May 16 Satsang at 7:00 pm Pacific Time
Tuesday May 30 Satsang at 7:00 pm Pacific Time


Tuesday Jun 13 Satsang at 7:00 pm Pacific Time
Tuesday Jun 27 Satsang at 7:00 pm Pacific Time